Most sports fans know this, but sports and superstitions go hand-in-hand.

Sometimes, baseball players will choose not to step on the foul lines when crossing onto the field of play. Other times, hockey players will put on their skates, socks and pads in a certain order every time. Still other times, athletes and coaches will manipulate their hair in a certain way, or not touch it at all, for weeks at a time in order to ensure they're doing their part to will their team to a win.

We can officially add Brian Daboll to the list of people who follow that last superstition.

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Brian Daboll Shaves Beard to Goatee; Keeps it After Team's Victory

Brian Daboll, head coach of the New York Giants, made a cosmetic change before his team's game against the Washington Commanders. Daboll shaved his iconic beard down to a goatee, which outlined his mouth as he manned the sidelines this past weekend.

The coach shaved, the team won, and now, Brian Daboll will sport a goatee for the foreseeable future. Daboll wasn't the only one to notice this trend, too:

Superstitions in sports are awesome, and I'm always entertained to hear about new ways that athletes try to get luck on their side. The shave or no-shave superstition is a classic one, and now, it's up to Daboll to decide if the superstition stays or goes.

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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Look, the Giants can already thank their lucky stars that they find themselves in the position they're in. They've worked hard for a lot of the success they've had this season, but if we're honest, they're a few made field goals (and pass interference calls) away from being on the outside of the playoff picture, looking in. It hasn't always been pretty, but thanks to a bit of luck, they find themselves on the brink of a playoff berth.

So, if you're Brian Daboll, and you're playing with metaphorical house money as we head into the holidays, why not steer into the skid and keep the luck on your team's side?

I'm all for it. The goatee must remain!

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