Only six games into the season, the New York Giants are on the clock when it comes to off-season planning.

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The trade deadline is on Oct. 29, which means the G-Men have exactly two weeks to decide whether or not they want to trade wideout Hakeem Nicks.

The upside to the five-year veteran is big. While Nicks had a down year last season, his production during his second and third years in the league have made him a known commodity.

Reports have it that the 49ers and Falcons are interested while Patriots and Ravens would also make sense.

With Nicks' contract set to expire at the end of this season, if the Giants decision makers don't feel like he's a part of the future then now would be the time to deal! I'd be looking for a second round pick but reports say a third rounder would be more realistic.

If the Giants do pull the trigger on Nicks then we can definitely take that as New York waiving the white flag on this season (not that their 0-6 record hasn't done that already).

The other receivers on the depth chart include Louis Murphy (one catch this year) and three-year contributor Jerrel Jernigan (six catches to his career).

And you only thought a win-less season would be eventful! Sit tight: The Giants could be a trade player within the next two weeks.

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