The NFL is in a tough spot regarding New York Giants kicker Josh Brown - but the Giants are not.

According to the NFL statement, they reached out to Brown's ex-wife and local law enforcement trying to figure out exactly what has transpired between the two in the past. Despite more than 20 allegations of domestic violence against Brown, only one is officially on record. Therefore, that's all the NFL can go by when giving Brown a one-game suspension.

Sure, that suspension from the league seems light, but if you only have one incident on record, you can't count the other 19 allegations against him.

But the Giants can. They can choose to cut bait with Brown and they haven't. And even worse, they haven't chosen to comment on the matter, despite the fact that Ben McAdoo said he had a zero tolerance policy.

I'm all for not finding people guilty in the court of public opinion, but the Giants need to at least comment on the matter. It's a bad look to keep him, but it's even worse to not say anything at all.


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