While Dez Bryant is threatening the Cowboys that he will sit out the regular season if a longterm deal is not done by Wednesday's deadline, he has some definite support on that decision in New York. 

"I’m totally OK with Dez Bryant sitting out week one," said Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz. "I think everyone in our facility would be OK with that. We will not be disappointed if he does not play week one."

The Cowboys and Giants meet in their regular season opener on Sunday Night Football September 13th in Dallas. Without their number one receiver and one of the best in the League, the home team would not be at their best without Bryant.

When it comes to the franchise tag tender, Schwartz has always been vocal that it's not an ideal situation for any player.

"In any business, you want to create the maximum profit as soon as you can and see all the money you’re owed. This is just one more year where a guy has to play on a one year contract and anything can happen in one year.

"I know the money is guaranteed but it’s still a fraction of what they would get if they were in the open market or if they got a new deal. I think we need to explore getting rid of this thing when the time comes in a few years to getting a new CBA.

"We allowed that in the CBA so we have to deal with it."

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