After fracturing his leg in the game on Sunday at Washington, Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz said his timetable of a return would take at least a month.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins
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"These injuries take four to six weeks," said Schwartz, to "Armen and Levack", on 104.5 The Team. "We have five weeks left of the regular season and hopefully the playoffs, I’m hoping to still play at some point this season, but I really just don’t know.  It’s a tough situation to get hurt again this time of year and a playoff push, it’s just the worst time."

Schwartz said that he is not ready to proclaim that he's officially out for the 2015 season.

"No, because this is something that is a lot of pain tolerance and maybe the bone does heal faster.  I would love to play again this season at some point ... and be there for the playoff push, but I don’t know what the right decision is. I’m hoping to still be on the roster and contribute at some point this season.  I just think it’s pretty doubtful at this moment that would be the case."

Last year, Schwartz had ankle surgery and the veteran offensive lineman said his latest injury is related.

"I have the plate on my fibula from my ankle surgery. Above and below the plates are stress areas, and I got hit pretty hard from the side and the top of my plate caused a fracture in the bone. So it’s not a major injury, it’s something that is just annoying and just needs time to heal."

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