Just because the Giants aren't playing anymore doesn't mean that we can't check in with our Giants insider, Geoff Schwatz.

Schwartz called into to talk with Levack and Brady Farkas on Tuesday to talk about his thoughts on the Super Bowl and much more.

We asked him what kind of quarterback he would rather block for, a stationary target like Peyton Manning or a mobile scrambler like Cam Newton?

Furthermore, we asked about the Patriots offensive line issues against the in the Broncos in the AFC title game. Who gets the blame for that? Did the Pats OL coach deserve to be fired?

We then switched to the G-Men, where we asked about Schwartz's offseason communication with new head coach Ben McAdoo - and about Eli Manning's nomination for the NFL's 'Man of the Year.'

Eli is one of the last three remaining. We also found out that we will be meeting up with Schwartz at the Super Bowl - and asked why NFL players don't want to play in the Pro Bowl.

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