Even though he's on the offensive line, Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz says that Jason Pierre-Paul's return has been felt through the whole team.

during a game at Raymond James Stadium on November 8, 2015 in Tampa, Florida.
Mike Ehrmann

"He’s a huge deal for us," said Schwartz, to "Armen and Levack", on 104.5 The Team, "just having him there. He pressured Winston a couple of times.

"I went through this last year with not practicing for a long time and then playing in a game. I know that I struggled and JPP has even had less practice time than me. He’s dealing with trying to figure out how to play differently.

"Playing in that humidity in Tampa, he did an unbelievable job to play as many plays as he did and to contribute. Especially in the 4th quarter, a couple of hits and pressures were late in the game, which is what we need.

Just his presence in the locker room is a positive for the team.

"There definitely is value to that. In the end, the player has to produce and JPP had a successful first game back. Having him in the locker room and having him on the defensive line is a huge boost for us.

"He came through and played well. If he played 45 or 46 snaps and was no influence then he’s obviously not as big of a deal but he was able to apply pressure and we need that. It’s good to see him back. I’m happy for him. I’m glad that he played as much as he did and I’m happy to have him back on our team.

"I know the guys are happy to have him back. I can hear the defensive line joking with him just like they would with a guy that’s been there the whole time."

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