Not too long ago, Giants running back Andre Brown became an internet sensation when he proudly sang “I got a ring, he got one t00!” after the Giants Super Bowl championship. Well, now thanks to the New York Giants new GoldRun phone app, all Giants fans can join in the celebration.

If you’re one of the millions of Giants faithful (with an unlimited data package), then you need to download the free GoldRun app and check this thing out. As Giants Senior VP Michael Stevens put it; "Giants fans are the best fans in the world and a tremendous part of our success…[this is] a cool way of allowing all Big Blue fans, whether they're local or abroad, to experience this special moment." Not only can you floss out the newest bling, but you can also try the Giants other 3 rings on for size. It is undoubtedly the best app to hit the market since that one that makes a bunch of different fart sounds. That app is hilarious.

In a related story, an unidentified source, not close to the Jets organization has confirmed that the Jets will not be releasing a similar app, because, as he said, “the Jets never win Super Bowls.” Unfortunate for Jets fans, but at least those green and white Tebow jerseys are officially on sale, and they look sharp.