Former New York Giants linebacker Bryan Kehl said that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell used to teach his players to fake injury.  Multiple Giants' players have come forward to dispute Kehl's claims. 

Alright, quick recap.  The Giants beat the Rams on Monday night 28-16.  Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams faked injuries so badly that the Monday Night Football crew was poking fun at them.  Ex-Giants' linebacker Bryan Kehl, who now plays for the St. Louis Rams, said that Perry Fewell instucted his players to fake injuries in the past.  Perry Fewell said, "I can't say that I've ever done that, and I can't say that I haven't done that."

Wow, strong denial, Perry.  This essentially means that he did it.

Now, current Giants' players are chiming in.  "It's a bunch of bull, man," linebacker Michael Boley told the New York Post.  “Bunch of smoke, man.  That’s why he’s an ex-teammate, man.  It’s one thing if you leave a team, you go somewhere else, if you didn’t like it there, keep it to yourself.  There’s no point in trying to bad-mouth another team just because they let you go.”

Michael Boley essentially played the, "You're just jealous," card.  I'll agree with Boley's point that Kehl is better off just keeping this to himself though.  What does he really have to gain by stating this?  Not much, but this coupled with Fewell's response makes me believe Kehl.

Deon Grant, who won't be confused with Denzel Washington in terms of acting ability said, “As far as Perry Fewell coaching that, I never heard a coach on this team ever say anything about that, so for Kehl to say that, he lost a lot of respect from me.”

Quick question -- why the hell would I believe anything Deon Grant has to say about this issue?  Seriously, this is the guy who faked an injury in the first place and then lied through his teeth about doing so.  I can't believe the guy hasn't been struck by lightning yet.