The New York Giants could not have asked for a more well-timed bye week in their schedule. With a small lead in their division, the rival Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins had an opportunity to close in on the up-and-down Giants. However, both teams faltered.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who hold the tiebreaker against the Giants after defeating them earlier this season, got stomped by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and #1 pick Jameis Winston 45-17. Winston torched the Eagles defense for 5TD passes in what was by far his best performance of his rookie season thus far.

The Washington Redskins faced the undefeated Carolina Panthers. It's not very hard to realize how that game turned out. Cam Newton was the MVP caliber player he has been thus far all season as he too tallied up 5TD passes as the Panthers blew out the Redskins 44-16.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles
Credit: Rich Schultz/Getty Images Sport

The Giants still sit at 5-5 atop the NFC East as there is a tie for second at 4-6 between the Eagles and Redskins; don't count out the Dallas Cowboys just yet either. The G-Men are in the drivers seat and control their own destiny, and with the schedule ahead, it looks as though 8-8 may win the division. They face the Redskins next week in a crucial matchup. A win would keep the Giants atop the division, but a loss would be a devastating blow to not only their playoff hopes, but their division hopes.

With the Eagles still to face the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals before they play the Giants in the regular season finale, New York essentially needs three wins to clinch their division (should everything fall in place). A win against the Redskins after their bye week would be a great sign for the remainder of the season.

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