Some don’t know how to fish. Others think fishing is boring. There are those that think you have to be in the middle of the ocean to be fishing, while so-called experts will swear you have to be on a glacial stream in some mountain range to “really be fishing.” The fact of the matter is fishing is fun. Fishing is easy. Even when it isn’t a “NYS Free Fishing Weekend,” fishing can be inexpensive, notice I said “can be inexpensive.” No matter where you live in the Capital Region, some world class fishing spots are usually minutes away.

So what do you need to start fishing? If you really begin to like fishing and you maintain a sustained interest for a few years, go nuts and buy some nice gear. If you just want to give it a shot and have some functional equipment to continue the hobby, here you go. Head to the sporting goods store. You can usually find a decent name brand fishing pole and reel for about $30. If you can buy one with 6-10 lb. test line on it, buy that one. Putting fishing line on a reel yourself is not something for the beginner.

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Next you need a few hooks and lures. You can buy a ready made tackle box with a variety of options for lures and hooks for another $20. You don’t need anything fancy. Again, if you get the bug and you really like it, you can spend all of the money that you care to on fishing gear. However, the equipment you are buying now will last you a few years if you don’t beat it up. Lastly, you want to buy some worms. If you don’t like worms, they sell fake bait that has some scent. It’s cheating but the fish like it. Fish like worms, especially if you're a beginner it’s a good start.

Last thing, you find your fishing spot. Go to The website lists all of the legal places in New York State that you can fish and whether or not you need a license. If you want to fish the Hudson River from the park in downtown Albany, you do not need a fishing license ever. If you want to fish Lake George, you do. Best advice is don’t make getting there an odyssey until you really love fishing. Bring something to drink, something to clean your hands, a small towel and maybe something to eat, if you plan on staying for a few hours. If you don’t plan on staying for a few hours, don’t plan on catching anything and that’s cool too.

Fishing can be whatever you want it to be. Sometimes you catch fish and other times you don’t. Often it’s the peaceful atmosphere around you that was the main catch of the day. Either way, a modest investment can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and it’s a great way to see the area around you. Enjoy!

Please be kind to our wetlands. Be cool and take out everything that you bring in. Thank you!

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