Well the NFL commish broke his streak-at 1. Yes I wrote 1 article where I had something nice to say about the dictator of the NFL Roger Goodell. But can't make it 2 straight.

The phony that is Goodell, the man who likes to bill himself as the fan's commisioner has turned right around and stabbed those fans again.

Goodell has sent out a memo to all 32 NFL teams concerning the league returning to Los Angeles. In the memo Goodell claims he would like 2 NFL teams in LA. Now that's funny since not even 1 team has ever been able to make it work in LA. The letter went out to all teams in case they were interested in moving their franchise to Los Angeles.

1st off isn't it nice that Fidel Goodell is promoting uprooting a team to go to LA. but the worst part is Goodell insisting seeing the business plan should a team want to make that move. The really galling part is Goodell is basically insisting that any team that wants to relocate has to have a plan that includes the biggest rip off in sports-the dreaded PSL which stands for personal seat license.

If you aren't familiar with these it means you have to buy the right to buy the seat. Yes can you say THEFT! Legal of course for any fool who would buy the right to buy the product. It's akin to buying a car then having to buy an engine or the steering wheel.

At last glance I believe some 15 ish NFL  teams sell these PSL's. A commisioner who wanted to be fan friendly would insist that all teams ban the practice of selling PSL's.

As a capitalist I am all for making a profit-a good healthy profit indeed. But I am for clean capitalism not crony capitalism, which is what PSL's are. Crony capitalism. Imagine buying a house but having to pay for the right to bid on the house only to find out you then have to purchase the roof.

Instead of ridding the NFL of this Goodell is now insisting any team that wants to move to LA use PSL's. Yeah real fan friendly Goodell.

Roger the liar is also letting teams use Los Angeles to leverage for them to get a new stadium, at the tax payers expense. Goodell just used this tactic to strong arm the folks in Minnesota. He basically dangled LA while threatening the good fans of Minnesota before a vote for public funding for the new palace for Zigi Wilf. Sadly the folks in Minny buckled as do many fans.

Let's face it fans is short for fanatic but also short for suckers. We are suckers. I am a sucker as well so I cast no  arrow without shooting myself as well. But we all have limits, or most of us do.

Presently at least 3 teams are in danger of leaving their city for the "riches' of LA, a failed NFL market. Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Diego. With Goodells blessing these teams have made overtures of moving, using the LA scare tactic to hoodwink their fans. Yeah real fan friendly Goodell.