The reactions from social media were much pro Vick than pro Jackson


In case you missed, I defended my take on air with Levack earlier today.. If you missed it, listen to the clip below.

Again, I think Mike Vick is fantastic. A revolutionary player that changed NFL offenses forever. But the stats and production does not like. Jackson has close to 3 inches on Vick in height. Mike Vick as a starter reached the NFL playoffs TWICE. Jackson is pacing to match already by his second season. The college stats below

Vick at Virginia Tech: 3299 yards passing 21 TDs, 11 INTs 56% completion percantage, rushing yards 1299 rushing yards 17 tds

Jackson at Louisville:9043 yards passing 69 TDs 27 INTs, 57% completion percentage 142.9 rushing yards 4132 yards 50 Tds.

Jackson became this past weekend the first quarterback to have 200 passing yards and 150 rushing yards in one game.

Vick for his career averaged 42 rushing yards and 157 yards passing.

Jackson so far on average per game per starts: 89 rushing yards 208 passing yards



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