For the third consecutive season,I will be providing my own personal Top 25 poll each week during the college football season. My poll philosophy all season long will remain the same and that is by ranking the teams I believe are the best twenty-five best in the country following that given week’s games. Below are my rankings and comments about each week’ biggest shake-up and changes. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know below or on Twitter @TomGozz

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Georgia
  4. Clemson
  5. Notre Dame
  6. Washington
  7. Penn State
  8. West Virginia
  9. UCF
  10. Texas
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Florida
  13. Miami
  14. Wisconsin
  15. Michigan
  16. LSU
  17. Oregon
  18. Kentucky
  19. Colorado
  20. Texas A&M
  21. NC State
  22. Mississippi State
  23. Auburn
  24. South Florida
  25. Cincinnati


Not a believer in Texas? I know some voters have Texas higher than 10th. The win against Oklahoma was no doubt impressive but rivalry games are always tough to evaluate a team in especially with College Gameday in town. Besides Oklahoma, Texas wins have been against teams with a combined 7-6 record. I would be surprised if Texas can get out of the next three games with zero losses.

Can Central Florida actually do it and get to the playoff? - In my rankings two teams with one loss are ranked above Central Florida. Do I think UFC will go undefeated again? Yes! Do I think they can catch an undefeated or one loss Power 5 team? Unfortunately no. Central Florida could go back to back season undefeated with a playoff system and not get an opportunity to play for a national title. The Knights may "claim" a national title again this season.

Georgia or LSU or Florida: 2nd best team in the SEC? - This is a great question. Florida beats LSU this week. Georgia plays LSU this week. At some point one of those teams Georgia/Florida will play Alabama in the SEC title game. LSU will play Alabama in the regular season. Plus Georgia will play Florida in the game formerly known as the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". These will be must see games the next few weeks.


Tom “Goz” Goslowski is both a Heisman Trophy voter and College Football Hall of Fame Voter. You can hear him weekdays on Levack and Goz 2-7pm on 1045 The Team ESPN Radio Albany.

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