Earlier this week on Levack and Goz, I offered up my top five professional wrestling matches of all time. I kept fighting between "my favorite" wrestling matches of all time and "the best" professional wrestling matches of all time. If I had done my "favorite" matches of all time, these matches below would have absolutley made the cut. Instead I decided on my top five best matches. What are your favorites let us know below.

1998 Hell In the Cell between Mankind and Undertaker would have made the list.

ECW One Night Stand  Mick Foley, Edge, & Lita vs. Terry FunkTommy Dreamer, & Beulah McGillicutty

Wrestlemania VI Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan

Many of The Rock vs Austin matches along with many of the legendary TLC matches

5- Sasha Banks vs Bayley NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015

4-Kurt Angle vs Shaun Michaels Wrestlemania 21 


3-Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Rock Wrestlemania 18


2-John Cena vs CM Punk Money In The Bank 2011

1-Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio 1997 Halloween Havoc

To hear my explanation on each pick, click the link below.

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