Halloween is here and I decided to rank what athletes are the "scariest" in sports history.

I defined scary as athletes you don't want to face on their respective surface. The reasons could be pain, intimidation or something else. Who are the scariest athletes in sports history?

Here are mine: let us know some of your picks below.

#6 Tiger Woods

Tiger. Red. Sunday. Tournament Over.

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#5 Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey changed women's MMA forever. She will always be known as "The Baddest Woman on the Planet". Rousey's start to her UFC career was revolutionary. That look Rousey would give to her opponents before a big bout. Her walk to the ring with Joan Jett blaring in the arena. I'm sure many opponents feared Rousey in her prime.

#4 "Mean" Joe Greene

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The guy's nickname is "Mean" ! Of course he is on the list. The College and Pro Football Hall of Famer played twelve seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


#3 Randy Johnson 

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A seven foot tall pitcher with crazy hair throwing 100 miles per hour? That's something  you would make up in a film as a villain. Johnson is a Hall of Famer as well. Plus remember when he took out that bird with a fastball?!

#2 Lawrence Taylor


When it comes to team sports and athletes being "scary", Lawrence Taylor is the scariest ever. Arguably the greatest defensive player in NFL history, Taylor's antics both on and off the field created the legacy of LT.

The only three-time Defensive Player of the year award winner. Two- time Super Bowl champion. No offensive lineman or quarterback wanted to see Lawrence Taylor coming after them.

#1 Mike Tyson

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I interviewed Mike Tyson in June 2014. I was legitimately nervous how he would react to each question. That may be the best type of "scary." Never knowing what or when an athlete will go crazy. Tyson was also a knock out artist in his career, becoming one of the most intimidating fighters in boxing history.