A couple of the most exciting things that can happen in baseball essentially have nothing to do with playing the game. When something happens that triggers a benches clearing brawl it's sure to get the crowd fired up. Same thing goes when a manager or player decides to blow up at the umpires. It goes back to the gladiator days and unleashes our most primal instinct. So lets take a look at some of the best baseball brawls and blowups.


Orioles vs. Yankees 1998

Armando Benitez probably still regrets plunking Tino Martinez. It resulted in one of the craziest brawls ever. Every time you thought it was about to settle down it picked right back up.

Kyle Farnsworth vs. Paul Wilson

Kyle Farnsworth got the best of Paul Wilson in this fight. What a take down! He must have been studying some WWE before the game in anticipation.

Pedro Martinez vs. Don Zimmer's head

It's just one the reasons why Yankee fans developed such a hatred for Pedro Martinez. Maybe not the best idea that Zimmer had, running at someone 40 years younger than you head first is usually a bad move.

Atlanta Braves vs. Sand Diego Padres: Bean-Brawl

The game that started ugly, and only got uglier. There were 2 separate bench clearing fights in this one all starting with Perez hitting Wiggins with the first pitch of the game. One game that will live on forever.

Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura

It just goes to show you never want to pick a fight with Nolan Ryan. You can tell Ventura wasn't sure about going out there, but then decides to just go for it. Result: His face gets mashed in by Ryan's fist.