Suspension's Looming For Pacers And Hawks GM 7
Atlanta Hawks Mike Scott and Indiana Pacers George Hill got in what was thought to be a minor incident in the first half of Game 6 after getting tangled up under the basket.
However, the play ultimately ended with the two players shoving one another in the face...
University of Oregon Football Team’s Snowball Fight [Video]
Players from the University of Oregon football team organized a huge snowball fight on Friday.  Things quickly got out of hand and students started unloading on random cars that drove by.
When one of the drivers got out, they pelted him and then the team's tightend dumped a bucket of snow o…
Jets / Patriots Fans Charged
The video above has gone viral and is widely publicized at this point. But according to the New Jersey State Police Department, what we don't see is Kurt Pasche, the individual who punched the lady in this video, was punched and kicked before retaliating with the above punch...
VIDEO: Jets Fan Punches Woman
After the Jets pulled off a 30-27 upset against the Patriots in Overtime, the video below shows a fight in the concourse that got out of hand. Watch as the gentleman in the Jets jersey punches a female in the face.
Sparks Fly In Fontana
They don’t call Tony Stewart “Smoke” for nothing.  The fiery NASCAR driver showcased his explosive temper on Sunday.
Rangers V. Devils Game Starts With Brawl [VIDEO]
Nothing in sports is better than bad blood, and few franchises despise each other like the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers. If you don’t believe me, check out this video from last night’s game, where a six-player brawl broke out following the first drop of …

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