The Pirates and Brewers engaged in a old-fashioned, benches clearing brawl on Sunday afternoon.

Carlos Gomez hit a ball to the wall in center. He clearly thought the ball was gone, stared at it, admired it -- you know the picture. It didn't go out, so then he turned on the jets and easily slid into third with a triple

Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole took exception to Gomez admiring his shot, said something with an expletive to Gomez, and then all hell broke loose. Punches were thrown and three players were ejected.

Russell Martin was right in the middle of the incident. He wasn't even in the lineup on Sunday.

Watch here, but be warned that you can hear what Cole said to Gomez, making this video not suitable for your work environment.

I don't know who's fault it is. It's an unwritten rule to not watch the ball after you hit it. But Cole also didn't need to say something. If he doesn't, then this probably doesn't happen.

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