Memphis and BYU Have Ugly Brawl After Bowl Game (VIDEO)
On the heels of the Giants and Rams brawl on Sunday in St. Louis, it's unfortunate that we have to post video of a melee for the second straight day. Memphis beat BYU, 55-48, in double OT on Monday in the Miami Beach Bowl. However, the real fireworks weren't between the two offenses, it was between the two teams as a whole after the game...
A-Rod/Varitek Brawl Happened 10 Years Ago Today [VIDEO]
10 years ago today "The Rivalry" between the Yankees and Red Sox hit it's all time high (well at least in my lifetime) when Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek started a bench clearing brawl that dominated SportsCenter like no other story at that time...
Brewers, Pirates Erupt in Brawl (Video)
The Pirates and Brewers engaged in a old-fashioned, benches clearing brawl on Sunday afternoon. Carlos Gomez hit a ball to the wall in center. He clearly thought the ball was gone, stared at it, admired it -- you know the picture. It didn't go out, so then he turned on the jets and easily slid into third with a triple Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole took exception to Gomez admiring his shot, said some
Jets / Patriots Fans Charged After Brawl
The video above has gone viral and is widely publicized at this point. But according to the New Jersey State Police Department, what we don't see is Kurt Pasche, the individual who punched the lady in this video, was punched and kicked before retaliating with the above punch...

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