Greg Oden was mistaken for LeBron James by a TMZ reporter.  Oden handled himself perfectly though.  He laughed off an embarrassing moment thanks to an incompetent interviewer in this hilarious video.

There are worse things in life than being mistaken for LeBron James.  That's not the most embarrassing thing to in the world to endure either.  It was an embarrassing situation for Greg Oden, however, when a TMZ reporter didn't even know if Oden was a basketball player.

Instead of getting all huffy and puffy about the situation, Oden did the opposite.  He made a joke out of the misunderstanding.  Oden said that he tried to play basketball but wasn't any good at it.  When the bozo TMZ reporter then asked if Oden was a bodyguard (in stereotypical fashion), Oden laughed that off as well.  Great job, Oden.  The NBA would be better off if an engaging kid like Oden can have better luck with his health and realize his potential.  I'm rooting for ya, Greg.