Kudos to the Washington Redskins for finally making a good move. A franchise that whiffed on Albert Hainsworth, Jason Cambell, Mike Shanahan, and many other blunders came up huge aquiring the rights to the 2nd pick in the upcoming NFl draft where they will select Robert Griffin the 3rd. The price was stiff. 3 number 1's and a 2nd round pick but ask yourself this-Would the Skins finally get a good and can be great QB without paying a steep price?  Besides with the rookie salary cap in place landing RG3 will cost less then paying BIG money to a  free agent if they could even find one who wanted to go to Washington.

You think the Dolphins have had QB troubles look at Washington. A long collection of lousy or underachiever is Daniel Snyders legacy at the most important position in Football. From Donovan McNabb to Rex Grossman and on and on and on. The Skins haven't had a reliable signal caller since Brad Johnson.

Now with 1 bold move Washington is a factor again and get to draft who many think, myself  included could be better then Andrew Luck who will go 1st to the Indy Colts.

Nothing not to like about RG3 except maybe his need to develope physical frame. He is a bit skinny and the questions will fly if he can handle the pounding. He needs to beef up a bit but other then that what's not to like? Great arm. Great mind. Great athlete. And oh yeah those socks :)

Unlike many after winning the Heismann Trophy RG3 didn't go bar hopping. No he went history hopping, going down to the World Trade Center to pay respects to those killed on 9-11. Griffin's father is a lifetime military figure and clearly the son has learned from the father.

The kid is instant commercial and ticket success and that smile and sense of humor make him a steal. Who knows what future drafts would have or could have reaped for the Redskins. In my view they are poorly coached and worse that coach is a worse GM. Look at what this team calls playmakers. The stock is thin at best.

If I were Danial Snyder I would have accompanied this move with a pink slip for Shanahan and really get the Redskins back on track. When you hear how great it will for RG3 to learn at the heels of a 'brilliant offensive mind and play caller" like Shanahan just look up the facts.

They said the same about Jake Plummer-swing and a miss. they claimed the same on McNabb-wrong. They uttered similar sentiments when Shanny coached at Denver-See Brian Griese-oops. Shanahan is VASTLY OVER RATED. However today he looks good for any part, perhaps a large part of getting Washington to make a bold move.

I predicted that pick would go for at least 3 number 1's. Finally got a Football pick correct. This move also  gets Shanahan a reprieve from having to explain perhaps why free agent Payton Manning lost interest in Washington by all accounts rather quickly.

Let's also not forget the Rams who have now had the top pick or the 2nd pick in 4 of the last 5 years, not a good mark for any club. By moving down perhaps the Rams can still get a nice toy for QB Sam Bradford to play with, another words a real wide reciever. Seems that Justin Blackman will be going to the Browns and if so the Rams can draft offensive lineman or trade further down for WR value and stock picks. The Rams had leverage and used it getting a lot for the number 2 but it was smart on their part as well.