Alright so most of you by now probably heard about the NBA Slam Dunk contest where the players went crazy this year bringing in all kinds of props, gimmicks, choir groups, and NEW this year, A REAL LIFE CAR!

Has this now finally gone too far?

Alright I'm all for creativity and drawing eyes, fans, and viewers to the game of basketball. But do we really need to bring in a darn choir singing R. Kelly's "I Believe I can Fly" while dunking over the hood of a car? To me the answer is quite simple. It's HECK NO!

I get it! I've gotten the point for years now, and so have numerous people. We all understand these NBA players are very gifted athletically and are a human specimen! But I don't need to watch Blake Griffin dunk over a hood of a car and also dunk the ball and hang with his arm stuck over the rim to prove to me he's an EXTREMELY GIFTED athlete! I know that! The guy lost in last night's theatrics was JaVale McGee!


JaVale McGee in his first dunk took two balls, bounced one off the backboard, caught it in air, and dunked the other he had in his hand! Then he backs that dunk off with a THREE ball dunk where he had John Wall launch a third ball up after dunking the first two balls! Yes! He leaped into the air with two basketballs in hand, dunked those, then while in air grabbed the third one that was tossed to him by John Wall and finished by slamming that third ball down all in the air! To me THAT dunk was the dunk of the night!

Yes I was impressed with Blake Griffin's windmill dunk since that takes a TON of athleticism! What impressed me about the Griffin's car dunk was the fact he was able to land on top of the car since he had no where else to simply land, AND he was also able to not hurt himself! When I saw the car roll into position, I noticed there was literally no room for error. The car was right in front of the hoop and there was little to no room beyond the base line as the media and others were blocking that area. So I had a real fear for Blake Griffin as he was about to attempt that dunk! What if he got hurt? What if he busted a knee? Broke an ankle? Broke an arm? Then what? Would risking all of that for a dunk contest be REALLY worth it?


This is why the NBA has to be PROACTIVE, step up to the line (no pun intended), and limit what these players use. To me DaVale McGee did it right! Using two and even three basketballs with one standard hoop. I think the two hoop trick seen earlier in the night is also acceptable as well but once you start bringing in cars to jump over, you've just gone too far! Even Serge Ibaka's dunk by catching the kid's toy in his mouth could have been catastrophic! What if he missed and jammed his chin into the rim?

They're not dunking for a million dollars to charity, they're doing it for the show and the fans. Is it worth risking a serious injury to do that? I certainly don't think so at all! Call me lame, call me an old man, but seriously the NBA has to stop the circus act on the court!

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