Leonard Cooper provided plenty of funny moments during Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament.  Check out this hilarious video.

How cool is this dude?  Leonard Cooper took home a cool $75,000 for winning the 2013 Teen Tournament on Jeopardy.  His answer in Final Jeopardy was great, but my favorite moment was when Leonard wagered $18,000 of his $18,200 on a question about American Literature.  This guy is a riverboat gambler, and I love it.

Leonard’s coolness got me thinking about the coolest athlete in sports right now.  Who would you say it is?  Blake Griffin is hilarious.  Tim Tebow makes a ton of cool gestures to kids and others.  How about LeBron?  I’m actually going to go with Derek Jeter as the coolest athlete in sports right now.

Jeter has always been silky smooth when it comes to coolness.  His game is cool and he’s always dealt with the media in a laid back, cool manner.  Jeter leaves gift baskets for the ladies that he “entertains.”  Plus, he’s linked to DirecTV genie and SI swimsuit model, Hannah Davis.  Now, that’s pretty freakin cool.  Jeter gets my vote.

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