HBO Boxing After Dark will broadcast live from the Turning Stone Casino and Resort this Saturday night. The main event features Jezreel Corrales versus Alberto Machado for the WBA Super World Super featherweight championship. Our own Tom "Goz" Goslowski from Levack and Goz will be live tweeting and blogging from the event Saturday night. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @TomGozz online or on

Andrade vs Fox Fight 1

By gawd here were are at fight night at the beautiful Turning Stone Casino.  The hotel lobby was filled with the "A Team" hoodies, all rooting for Andrade, all very confident in an Andrade aka "Boo boo" victory (they may be bias).  And these guys came out swinging! This ain't no Mayweather vs Paciauo ..  Andrade landed a few bigger punches and he appears to be in control after round 1 but at this point it looks like anyone's game.  As these first few rounds go on it appears that Andrade is landing the bigger punches at a more frequent rate, Fox is going to have to start getting more aggressive if he's going to have a shot at winning this fight *SIDE NOTE: The ring girl is the most attractive I've ever seen (please don't tell Jordan) .  Half way through this fight it's still a close one but I'm leaning towards Boo boo Andrade.  You can tell he's quicker and throwing harder punches as the night goes on.  A surprising turn of events takes place in round 7 as Andrade was winning the round, Fox throws a big punch that knocked Andrade to the ground.  Andrade continues to fight hard after being knocked down but it's a very strange turn of events as Fox will get credited for a knockdown during that round.  As the fight goes on you can clearly tell that Andrade is winning the match, the only blemish on his record is the fact that he was the knockdown in round 7. In the closing rounds this is tough to score, I have it 6-4 in favor of Fox but another guy on press row believes named Tito has it scored 6-4 going the other way for Andrade.  With only two round left it's anyone's bet...


Gozs hot takes

the best sport to watch as fan is hockey, constant action

best sport to watch as a media member, boxing.... lotta sweaty dudes

best sport to watch on TV is football

best sport to watch 'with a female, basketball

Boxing Fan James "Boogies" Ruszczak's hot takes

Goz is a nice lady

best sport to watch as a fan, Bills fan

best sport to watch as a media member, boxing

best sport to watch on tv, curling

best sport to watch with a female, porn

Corrales vs Machado fight 2

Going in to the fight I'm favoring Machado a little bit, he's a scrappy fighter and I've seen some tape on this guy and trust me he is the real deal. At 18-0 with 15 KO's this guy doesn't mess around.  As confused fan yells "Let's go Tom Brady" the fight goes and as we're getting some big punches and quick combinations thrown early on.  Another fan, very wise screams "punch him with your fists!" which is some of the best advice I've ever heard when it comes to a boxing match.  That advice alone will be the key to who wins this match.  Corrales is hammering Machado with some big punches as the ring girl works her great ass around the ring signaling the beginning of round 3.  Corrales continues to bring the big hammer to the fight as he tees off on Machado.  Somebody call 911 now because this thing could get out of hand quickly. Corrales,  is an absolute animal..  BIG punches are being thrown, regardless of who wins this has been an epic fight.  Things start getting really intense in round 5 as Machado lands a few big punches but Corrales gets the surprising knockdown, it's tough to tell how the judges are going to score this round. I forgot the  difference between a thermometer and a stethoscope... (come on be better). Round 6 takes a wild turn as both fighters have decided to have a pushing match which eventually leads to Machado tackling the black ginger in the ring.  At this point I fear for both boxers lives, my life and everyone else in this arena.


James "Boogies" Ruzczak's  hot takes

Goz is wearing a toupe, his hair is way to nice to be real

If goz and I fought in a fight, Goz would defeat me in round 7

Jordan wears the pants in the Gozlowski/Bakowski relationship

Gos makes his friends do all the real work in his job

This fight is out of control, Corrales might be from another planet.  I've never seen a fighter being so close to being kicked out of a fight or getting a knockout at the same time.  I mean, by gawd, Machado is a human being, stop punching him in the face between rounds! Machado knocks him out in the 8th round and the fans are going wild.  This story is over folk, Machado brings the bigger hammer and goes home a winner.







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