If  you know P.Manning, If you see P. Manning, if your cousins brothers aunt's sisters house cleaner happens to see P.Manning at a local watering hole or even someone that looks like him please contact right away!

Ok this just shows the absurdity this Manning process will proceed with. Now every talk host and fan across the country-heck the world will be on the snoop for even a signal that the great Payton Manning is in their town and perhaps talking to their team. Oh how they wish. Can't blame them. I wish too.

Such is the nature when arguably 1 of the greatest 5 qb's is on the free market. From San Fransisco to New York to Miami to Seattle fans are just hoping Manning comes for a visit and doesn't leave until there is a signature on a contract.

However with this will come the  psst buddy did you hear and then the baseless rumor. It's funny. Hey it could be worse. Your team could be courting some clown.

Manning is great and that is not in doubt. His legacy safe no matter. Now he wants to add to it. Will Manning sign with a perpetual loser? Perhaps a team that is close? Perhaps a great franchise that isn't great anymore? Hey this beats talking 24/7 about "bounty gate"

Here is my "expert" analysis where Eli's brother hangs  his helmet and signs on. 3 teams in particular I have my eye on and why. 1) Kansas City-Hey Joe Montana finished up in this great Football city. The fans are wonderful. The Chiefs have a coach that is widely admired. Lots of talent on offense. Young. Fast and untapped talent like Jamar Charles who was hurt all last year. A solid defense doesn't hurt. Yes they have Matt Cassel and he isn't bad but it is time for Gm Scott Pioli to leave his mark and no better way then landing the great # 18... 2) Arizona.. Ok a little selfish on my part as I like the Redbirds. You can't spend 18 years in a wonderful place like the dessert and not hope that Manning can finish the job that Kurt Warner almost got done. Besides you have the great Fitzy there in Larry Fitzgerald. A running back that has dissapointed so far but has loads of talent in Beanie Wells. A young, fast and hungry defense. Great weather. A coach who many would like to play for in Ken Wisenhunt. 3) Washington.. An owner who spends money. A fantastic fan base. A town that is splintered thanks to politics. Think about it. Forget Football Manning also helps heal a fractured country. That's an even bigger legacy then just throwing a pig skin.

Now to the teams I wouldn't sign with. 1) The Dolphins.. The NFL'S black hole. Not much talent. An old and not so caring fan base. No one goes to these games unless the Patriots or Jets come to town. Your best Wide Reciever is 1 thought removed from "over the cukoos nest". Not many play makers. A rookie head coach. Why throw away your pristine legacy. No one wins in Miami. Hmm you think I hate the dullfins. LOL....2) Seattle--why? cold, rainy. Enough said. 3) Houston. perhaps the dumbest rumor of all. Matt Shaub is the last reason why the Texans haven't gotten over the top.  Lifetime completion percentage almost 64%. If Manning were head coach perhaps because that and some tinkering and a healthy Shaub is all they need. 4) My beloved Jets. Yeah like Manning wants to play for an offensive co-ordinator that sounds like he is best served running an offense in leather helmet days. If you are Manning do you want to play for a dull, no imagination OC like Tony Sparano? Love the Jets but I want them to target Mario Williams the defensive lineman.

Ok let the spying start. Report to me any sightings on Manning or rumors even if it is the landscapers long lost sister who "spots" Manning at the local supermarket purchasing a map of the city. Heck I will report anything. So will many other talking heads and written scribes. Thank you!

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