It's been a terrifying few days for everyone involved with the Buffalo Bills.

On Monday night, midway through the first quarter of Buffalo's game in Cincinnati, 24-year old safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after making a tackle, and had to be resuscitated twice after suffering from cardiac arrest. He is still in critical condition at Cincinnati Medical Center as of Wednesday morning, and the world is collectively waiting for news on his status.

Lost in the shuffle from Monday night was a story about Hamlin's teammate, who got caught in a difficult situation outside the hospital, before receiving help from a member of the media when he needed it most.

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ESPN Reporter Helps Stefon Diggs Confirm Identity, Enter Cincinnati Hospital

In the aftermath of the terrifying Damar Hamlin injury, a story began to float around the Internet on Monday night before being picked up by CBS Sports and other outlets about Stefon Diggs. The star Bills' wide receiver was one of the members of the team who travelled to the hospital in Cincinnati before travelling back to Buffalo on Monday night.

As the story goes, Diggs went to Cincinnati Medical Center after leaving the Bengals' stadium, in an attempt to visit his teammate, 24-year old Damar Hamlin. Diggs was met by a police officer, who initially denied Diggs entry after not knowing who he was.

It wasn't until reporter Coley Harvey, who was on the scene providing updates on Hamlin's status for ESPN, intervened and helped confirm Diggs' identity, that he was allowed to enter the hospital.

Here was Harvey's update on the situation on his Twitter account:

This wasn't just a sports reporter aiding a star athlete. Yes, Coley Harvey works for ESPN, and yes, Stefon Diggs plays for the Buffalo Bills, but neither of those professions were important in this instance. This was a human being, helping another human being to see his friend, and I give all of the credit in the world to Harvey for what he did.

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In a similar vein of some things are more important than sports, Cincinnati Bengals' head coach Zac Taylor was seen outside of the hospital, having recently visited Hamlin and his family inside the facility.

Here's the video captured by ESPN:

An update from the Hamlin family was provided by Jordon Rooney on Tuesday morning. Rooney had identified himself on Monday as a friend and marketing representative for Damar Hamlin, and has since been providing updates as regularly as possible on behalf of Damar and his family.

Here's what he shared on Twitter:

In a situation this dire, with a human being's life hanging in the balance, everyone involved in the situation is simply trying their best. Stefon Diggs was trying to be the best friend he could be on Monday, and Coley Harvey did his best to help him do that.

Zac Taylor may be the Bengals' coach, but ever since the events of Monday night, he's been a supportive and caring ambassador for the Bills and the Hamlin family on behalf of the City of Cincinnati.

Please keep Damar Hamlin, his immediate family, and his Bills' family in your thoughts and prayers. If you're so inclined, consider donating to Hamlin's charitable GoFundMe page, which has received over $6 million in support from fans across the world.

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