Well who knew that's all it would take. I mean look at my man Braylon Edwards. One week ago it was "The Jets are idiots." Now he is an idiot. You have to love this stuff.

I seriously get a great laugh at my beloved Jets. Here is this lousy team, and make no mistake, the Jets are a bad football team. Having said that, oh can you imagine the anger and hate they would get should they make the playoffs, and get this, it could happen! I am not kidding.

They are one game (technically two behind Pittsburgh) behind the Steelers and the Bengals. This could be great theater to watch this bad team run the table and take a spot besides Indianapolis as wild cards. How absurd are the Jets?

They are so desperate they bring back a wide receiver, who if nothing else, should have a great rapport with Mark Sanchez in light of the fact he absolved Sanchez of all blame for his struggles and put it all on the "idiots calling the shots" a week ago. Now I am not opposed to this per se. I mean the beloved Big Airplane In The Sky (my slang for Jets) are a bad team that also is duller then dead so why not some drama to add a pulse. Now that he has been cut by Seattle he needs a job. The Jets are dumb enough to bring him in. For a team that gave us a 7-6 win over the Cardinals this is a huge upgrade, I guess.

I could further rip on my beloved Jetsies by taking them over my knee on looking like fools by asking exactly what has Braylon Edwards done the last two years to warrant even being a desperate choice but, hey, why bother? Considering what this Jets team is and how much I don't like the makeup, chemistry, leadership,and lack there of leadership in this club I am going to sit back, laugh, hopefully enjoy watching an eight game winning streak propelling them to the Super Bowl while cursing them under my breath and over the air.