If you follow me on Twitter (@1045RadioBrady) you've noticed that I tweet most of my stories and blogs out at the following accounts: @518varsity @Real518Sports @518SportsDRoss and @challsidelines.

Those accounts are all run by student-journalists at the high school level. These kids have a desire to be sports reporters in the future and they've started to reach those goals by trying to dominate sports coverage in the Capital Region.

On Saturday, we caught up with the kid who started it all, Dylan Rossiter. He started the student-journalist movement in the area. We asked him how he got the idea, how the system works, how many students are involved and how the reporters balance playing sports with covering sports.

Furthermore, we asked Rossiter what his ultimate career goals are and where he's looked at colleges. And we asked Rossiter if the system can continue after he and this current group graduates high school.