What is Upstate New York?

It seems as though every person who lives in Upstate has their own answer to this question.

Not only that, but every person's answer is like a snowflake; no two answers are alike. Some people include Albany in Upstate, while others believe it begins further west. Plus, there is a portion of the population that believes anything north of Westchester County should be considered Upstate.

Who's right? Who's wrong? We're still not sure, but one TikTok user did his best to explain it all, using a famous scene from a sitcom to help him along the way.

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TikTok User Creates Hilarious Spoof Trying to Explain 'Upstate New York' Concept

TikTok user Austin Casey tried his hand at explaining the concept of Upstate New York to his followers, a task that is incredibly difficult to master. So, he enlisted the help of the legendary TV sitcom, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in order to help him explain himself.

Specifically, he borrowed a famous scene from the show, and here's how the spoof video turned out:

@austincasey_ ♬ original sound - Austin

While this TikTok video doesn't explain the geographical boundaries of Upstate New York, it does perfectly encapsulate the emotions of those who call it home. Everyone struggles with providing a solid definition for the term Upstate New York, and Austin Casey nailed that frustration perfectly.

For those who don't watch Always Sunny, here is the original scene that Casey was spoofing in his TikTok video:

Let's be honest with one another: that was a spot-on parody executed by Austin Casey. As it turns out, many of his followers agreed with that assessment, and here were some of our favorite responses to the video:

"This is gold" - Anastasia

"My new favorite video" - RightSideBaddie

"In Stewart's we trust" - xvotru

"But wait it makes sense"  - Annabelle Farrell

Now, unfortunately, we finish this video, and this story, with no new answers to the age-old question about Upstate New York's boundaries. That being said, hopefully, people from out-of-town have a better understanding of the frustration each of us feel while trying to explain Upstate to them.

That feels like a decent consolation prize, if nothing else.

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