Jimmy Patsos' 4 - 11 Siena Saints team is not off to the start that anyone was hoping for. That being said the team is only two games into conference play and there are 16 regular season conference games and the MAAC Tournament left.

The team is very young and has shown the ability to challenge teams like Memphis and Louisville. So the question arises: if you have the potential to play with national powerhouses how good are the Saints really?

Head coach Jimmy Patsos joined us in the studio and even though he admits he's still adjusting who gets what minutes and what potential starting lineups will propel the team the farthest, you can tell Patsos still believes in his team as a whole.

Just how far they can go remains to be seen but let's be clear in a "one-bid league" like the MAAC all that matters is where you place in the tournament and if you can win it.

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