This past Thursday night, the New York Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 24-19. If the Giants had won the game, the victory would have officially clinched a spot in the playoffs for Big Blue. Instead the loss clinched the NFC East and overall number one seed for the Dallas Cowboys. The loss has now opened up a scenario where the Giants could miss the playoffs! Below is that scenario. Do you believe the Giants could miss the playoffs? How likely is it that this scenario can happen? Let us know.

This week

1. The Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday.

2. The Atlanta Falcons defeat  the Carolina Panthers on Saturday.

3. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the New Orleans Saints on Saturday.

4. The Detroit Lions win at the Dallas Cowboys on Monday.

Next week

5. The Giants lose to the Washington Redskins

6. The Packers win at Detroit.

7. The Falcons beat the Saints.

8. The Buccaneers beat the Panthers.


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