Hahn, Humpty and Canty are on 1045 The Team every weekday from Noon to 2pm. Following the big match up between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders...which the Rangers lost we reached out to Rick "Humpty" DiPietro. Humpty explains why the Rangers fell to the Islanders.

We also asked Humpty about the radio beef between his co host Chris Canty and ESPN NY afternoon drive host Michael Kay. They were both at a charity event together and Michael Kay was misinformed about the length of Canty's NFL career. Canty made a quick comment about the mistake and Kay took exception to said comment on the following day's show. When we asked Humpty if the beef was real, he said "It was for a minute there." Listen to find out how the beef went away and who Humpty thinks will be the Jets QB next season.

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