After missing out on Carmelo Anthony, the New Jersey Nets pulled off a blockbuster trade of their own on Wednesday.

New Jersey agreed to a three-team deal to acquire All-Star point guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz.   But I don't like this move at all.

In exchange for Williams, New Jersey sends point guard Devin Harris, rookie forward Derrick Favors, a first-round draft pick, and $3 million from the Nets (the other first round draft pick that Utah gets comes from Golden State in a separate deal).

But how does this trade help the Nets?   They’re giving up a 19-year old #3 overall pick (Favors) and their current all-star point guard (Harris) and a #1 draft pick and getting back a very good point guard.  That’s an awful lot to give up for one guy.

Devin Harris is an All-star and a level-headed kid.  While Williams is a head case that forced one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game (Jerry Sloan) to throw his hands up and step down in the middle of the season.

Deron actually might be 'better' than Melo in some ways, but a point guard is much more easily replaced than the best pure scorer in the league.  There are plenty of past NBA Champions that didn't even have a true point guard and still won a title (the Lakers - for instance).

Deron Williams might not even be on the Nets in 2 years.  He’s not even signed beyond next season.  So they might have rented him for a year and a half.  Why?  This year is a throw away since they’re not making the playoffs and knowing the Nets, if they don’t make any moves, next season will be a throw away as well.


If Williams doesn’t sign an extension with the Nets, they might have given up four players for an unhappy rental property.  Let's face it, Williams wasn’t happy in Utah (and by all accounts, he had some issues in the locker room), what makes you think he’ll be excited to play for a really bad team in front of a half empty arena in Newark for the next year and a half?

To me this is the Nets overreaction from not getting Carmelo.   New Jersey felt they had to do something.  It's like flirting with a girl at a bar all night long only to find out she's going home with some other guy when the bar closes.  At that point, you become desperate. Getting Deron Williams, and not Carmelo, is a grasp at straws.

Great – now the Nets have Brook Lopez and Deron Williams!  That’s not even a 500 team!

The problem is - Williams probably won't even be around long enough to allow the Nets to get the proper pieces around him.

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