Football-Football-Football-Football-and a pinch of Hockey this weekend.I have been working out my remote control fingers. So much to watch and not enough TV's to do it on. This is by far the best weekend for Football fans so far this year. Oh sure we have been talking about the big games but there are many games not getting the pub that are on paper great matchups. Love the Giants to take down the Pats. More on why the G-Men will win going away on the show today. But how about these games--Tampa Bay at New Orleans,Cincy at Tennesseee,Denver at Oakland (Tebow vs Palmer for how not to play QB) then to finish off this feast a war as usual between Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Can't wait until Sunday well Saturday is electrifying as well. Of course LSU VS Alabama can't be talked about enough. I like the Tide to roll. But there are a handful of games which should be great in their own right. Texas and Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Texas A&M, The battle of the the Tar Heel with NC taking on NC ST, Oregon with a dangerous trip to Washington, Notre Dame at Wake Forest and finally Oklahoma St tangling with tough Kansas St. I am drooling right about now.

Lastly being the big hockey fan the Rangers going to Montreal is always a treat.. So much to watch yet only 1 nice TV..My fingers are ready. the food is chillin. The dogs have been warned not to bother me. I am a slave to the tube for 48 hours. In the words of the great Bart Scott "can't wait"!

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