Carmelo Anthony has come under criticism in the last few days for the gesture he performs after hitting three-pointers.

Like multiple NBA players, Anthony puts three fingers to his head after hitting a shot from behind the arc, and one NY Post columnist suggests that Melo's gesture may look like it is gang-related or promotes violence.

I personally totally disagree with that sentiment but we brought in Ian Begley of ESPN New York to get his reaction on the story and the criticism of 'Melo in general.

Furthermore, what makes 'Melo in the Olympics different from 'Melo with the Knicks? We got the take from Begley on that as well, and we also found out the outlook for the New York Knicks this season. What does he think of the moves to get Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and how is the development of Kristaps Porzingis heading into next year?


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