If you listen to anyone with even a loose knowledge of Tom Brady's relationship with Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the Patriots as a whole, you would expect there's a big decision coming regarding the six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback this coming offseason.

Rifts have existed, houses are for sale and time is running out on even the most improbable careers in all of sports. But, is there enough life left for Brady, at the age of 43 which he will be when next season starts, to start over?

Call it a game of roulette or match-making, but I don't see a lot of fits for Brady if he doesn't stay in New England. Why would someone so accustomed to winning join a franchise that doesn't even have the potential to sniff the playoffs next season? There also aren't many teams that need a quarterback. I do some one AFC team that might make perfect sense. Here it is:


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