I was emailed a random video today that blew my mind.  Some of the push ups that these guys are pulling off are ridiculous.


I was sent a link to this push up video by a source that shall remain nameless (Brian Ausfeld, Account Executive at Townsquare Media Albany).  Many things came to mind while watching this video.  Here are some of the things that I said out loud while watching this video:

What the hell?
Do you know how hard that is to do?
I could do that.
That's a good way to jack up multiple body parts.
That looks awkward.
That one is just dumb.
Wow, that one is tough.
I could do that.
What the hell?

I know, I'm basically a wordsmith.  Some of these push-up variations are very impressive.  Some of these push-up renditions are a good way to completely tear up your body.  I think I might give a couple of them a try.  I let you know if I tear anything.

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