Less than two years removed from BullyGate, Richie Incognito is in the running to be a team captain this year in Buffalo. 

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"If you think in '09, he’s friends with Eric Wood who was on this team and Eric Wood is a team captain. Those guys were offensive captains together," said ESPN's Mike Rodak with Armen and Levack.

"I wouldn’t be shocked if Richie becomes a captain this year because of that veteran leadership. If you look at the rest of the offense, it’s young. Fred Jackson, Eric Woods, who else is a veteran?"

Incognito came into the organization last spring and has done nothing but fit in very well since.

"He’s the exact type of player that Rex wanted. He’s had a good camp so far. He’s stayed mostly healthy. That left guard starting job is his."

If Ryan names Incognito the captain, how would this look publicly?

"Let’s say it happens, I think the way Rex would spin it is, ‘I think this guy has changed and has the leadership to run our offense.’"

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