There are things that must be done based on principle.  Writing a story on about supermodel Bar Refaeli after stumbling onto one of her smokin' hot videos is definitely on the list.


I've talked about doing things "based on principle" numerous times on "The Noe Show."  I stumbled onto a random video of supermodel Bar Refaeli that contains multiple pictures of Bar posing in all of her glory.  "Based on principle," I was compelled to write a story about her.

If the rumors are true about snowboarder Shaun White dating supermodel Bar Refaeli, I have one thing to say; bravo, Mr. White.  Well done, bud!  The two have been spotted at numerous places lately.  White and Bar were hanging out at the Olympic Games in London as Michael Phelps won the 19th medal of his career.  They were also seen at Venice Beach and in New York.  Note to self, take up snowboarding immediately.

This is the best part though; the two reportedly met at a Maxim magazine party when Bar was named Maxim's 2012 hottest female in the world.  How awesome is that?  You meet the #1 chick at a hot party like that and actually end up with her??  Dude, that's gnarly, Shaun.  Hang 10.  Seriously, good for you.

The video is lovely too.  It begs the question; what's your favorite photo in this video?  I'm going with the pic at :38.  The ones at :35 and 1:38 are pretty strong too.  What's your favorite pic?  Comment below.  Oh, by the way, the music sucks and the guy who put this video together went total creeper status with the zoom-in shot on the final pic.  Just sayin.  It's still a great video though.  Enjoy.

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