Let's be honest Met fans the subway series is all for us and nothing fun for the Yankees.

The Mets are the red headed step child in New York. Has been that way most of my life and might be the way the rest of it. The Yanks own New York.Always have, and I don't mean just baseball. the Yanks are the big dog, top franchise of all in New York sports. Met fans look at these Met-Yankee games as a chance to show we can play with the big boys. What do the Yanks gain out of it really? A chance to show they can play with the Mets? Please. I can't believe I just asked that even in jest.

The Yanks often beat the Mets. In fact since interleague play began in 1997. The Mets have taken the season series only twice. The Yanks have won the series 8 times. 6 times they have split the 6 games.

The subway series started as just 3 games between the 2 in 1997 but then expanded to 6 games in 1999. Once the Yanks swept the 6 games, that being in 2003. Twice they have won 5 of 6, in 2009 and then last season. Now it has been reduced to 4 games as have all of the "rivalry" series. I use the quote-unquote cause some of the 4 gamers are between Colorado and Houston or Seattle and San Diego for instance. Those are not geographical rivalries.

The total wins and losses compiled in 15 years of the subway series, and this doesn't include the 2000 World Series, just the regular season it clearly 1 sided and ugly. Yankees 54. Mets 36.

So what do the Yanks get out of it or their fans? What Yankee fan is going to get in my mush and tell me how bad the Mets are. I mean tell me something I don't know captain obvious. What if the Mets win the subway series they are better? really? Have you looked at the records? The Mets are horrible again. Meanwhile the Yankees have been arguably baseballs surprise teams if not the biggest. Despite being besieged by injuries the Yankees lead what many think is baseball's most balanced division.

The Mets are trying to reach respectable, a far reach based on how they have played so far this year. The biggest game of the series takes place at Citi Field Tuesday when the staff aces go head to hear with Hiroki Kiroda taking on Matt Harvey. Both have been superb, especially Kidora who has been spectacular just about every start with the exception of 2, including his last start against the Rays.

Now if the Mets win the series well we can brag and get our 5 minutes of fun. Reality sets back in Friday when this subway series ends and it's back to watching the Mets scuffle again in all likely hood.

Make no mistake Yankee fan I will get my 5 minutes of fun cause only Mets and their fans have the big gain from this series.


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