If you went to Wegmans for the Buffalo Bills Little People and had a hard time finding them, you can now get them online! Buy the Buffalo Bills Little People here.

This is the third edition of the Bills Little People and they were exclusively available at Wegmans and they sold out really quick. At the time of posting, there are still some Wegmans with them left. If you don't want to go on the hunt for them you can buy them on the computer. The third edition features Josh Allen, Von Miller, and Dawson Knox, along with one super fan.

The Buffalo Bills Little People set has been so popular that they have struck a deal with the NFL to make Little People sets for all other 31 football teams.

Each set it 25 bucks. The limit is 5 per order.

Now, in the Buffalo Bills set, there are 3 identifiable players: Allen, Von Miller and Dawson Knox, but not all of the sets have players in their Little People sets. Of course, there are 4 characters for the sets, but not all of them will be players.

For example they have Deebo Samuel and George Kittle if you are a San Francisco fan, but if you are a Green Bay fan, the sets do not have any notable players.

Where can you buy New York Giants Little People? Where can you buy New York Jets Little People? Where can you buy Green Bay Packers Little People? Here is the link to purchase your set!

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