The big day is about 30 days away and this could easily be the best way to see the solar eclipse over New York State.

In the Western New York area, some officials are predicting that around 1 million people will be coming to see the total eclipse of the sun. Hotels are charging a pretty penny to stay overnight and there are dozens of events planned to see the amazing event.

But one event has popped up that is very unique and you won't have to worry about being in a huge crowd of people. In fact, you will be thousands of feet above them.

According to reports, you can rent a flight to see the total eclipse.

The Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport is offering a unique experience. Aircraft can be rented for April 8th so people can take part in the Fly-by-Night event that will allow them to see the eclipse from the sky.

Erie News Now reports that:

The two-day event is completely free to the public, but for those looking to take something home, the airport has designed commemorative t-shirts and bags filled with eclipse-related snacks and treats, available for purchase, ensuring visitors have a memorable keepsake.

The eclipse will be seen all across the Western and Central New York region. There is a neat event for eclipse fans in downtown Buffalo as the Buffalo Bisons are ready for the big day.

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