With temperatures still in the 20's here in the Capital Region, most of us are stuck inside, day-dreaming about the warmer weather that is on the way.

Each year, when temperatures finally begin to rise, people across the world burst out of their homes like the Kool-Aid Man running through a brick wall. From there, most people have a favorite warm weather activity that they'll choose to do first, having waited patiently all winter long to return to it.

Some go running, while others go golfing. Still others, however, will toss on a helmet and hop onto their bicycles to go riding. If you fall into that category, then you might want to consider visiting these five cities sometime soon, because they're the places for you!

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The cities in-question were included in LawnStarter's list of the best bike-riding cities in the country. 200 American cities were included in this study, and of those 200, five New York cities made the list.

Each city included in the study was measured based on six metrics: Access, Ride Quality, Safety, Climate, Community, and Events. For each of those metrics, a numerical value was assigned to a city, and from there, a city's "overall score" was calculated using those numerical values.

LawnStarter then ranked every city, according to their overall score, from 1 to 200.

So, which cities in the Empire State were considered to be best for bike-riding enthusiasts? Scroll below to see more.

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