The Price is Right held one of it's annual Veteran's Day specials today and one of the contestants was obviously a big Bills fan.

The Price is Right has been on the air for 52 years now.  That makes it the longest-running game show in the United States. It's a show that many have watched for decades even after changing hosts from Bob Barker to Drew Carey.  It's not uncommon for them to hold special episodes for things like Veteran's Day, the 4th of July, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

Today they held their annual "Veteran's Day" special where they honor people who have served in our nation's military by having them be contestants on the show and offering them a chance to win big prizes.

Today, one of those contestants was a member of Bills Mafia for sure.

(Clay Moden)
(Clay Moden)

Her name is Taylor Rae.  She said she served in the United States Army and was proud to show off her Buffalo Bills' red, white, and blue.

A fun fact about the show:  Did you know that both Bob Barker and Drew Carey are veterans?

Unfortunately, CBS doesn't share full episodes until the next day, however, if you're reading this after 11/10, you might be able to catch it by clicking here.

This weekend, the nation will honor our veterans as we celebrate Veteran's Day across the country.  If you know a veteran please remember to tell them "thank you" for their service.  We will never really know how much the sacrifice of their service has kept us free.  Thank you to the people who were brave enough to step up when they were needed to give us the lives we are able to live today.

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