Heading Up the Northway

A wild and dangerous video appeared on social media on Wednesday. It shows what appears to be a man sitting on top of a fast-moving car while weaving in and out of Northway traffic. The video is eerily reminiscent of the one that shocked Capital Region residents 11 months ago when it was recorded of a red-haired woman on top of a car traveling on 787.

The video was recorded by a woman named Nicole Marie and shared by the local content creators from Two Buttons Deep.

In it, you can see a man sitting on top of the car while his legs dangle through the moonroof. The driver of the grey SUV appears unfazed by the man's foolish actions and even weaves his vehicle in and out of busy I-87 Northway traffic so that others can get a better view.

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Man on a car traveling on the Northway. Photo: Screengrab from video by Nicole Marie


"I Couldn't Believe It!"

We contacted Nicole, who told us her fiancee was driving the car. They were headed to Albany International Airport between Exits 6 and 7 in Latham when her fiancee "noticed someone climbing on the roof...I turned around and couldn't believe it!"

When asked if she called the police, Nicole thought about it but figured it wouldn't be long before the car was pulled over. As far as we know, no charges have been brought against the vehicle driver, but it's a pretty safe bet that as this video goes viral, the State Police will investigate the matter.

Check Out the Wild Video Here

*may contain some language not suitable for all ears

Here's the video from 11 months ago. An Albany man was ultimately charged with reckless endangerment after driving down Interstate 787 on a May afternoon with a woman riding on the hood of his car.

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