This seems like a plotline from a Hollywood script, or perhaps even the type of  Budweiser beer commercial that leaves you balling your eyes out during the Super Bowl.

A wayward doggie, who went disappeared at the end of January turned up recently in Niagara Falls, New York weeks after he went missing in Killeen, Texas.


“He [Bruassard] was a part of the family. Everybody was trying to make peace with it but it was hard,” Green said. “You walk into the house, and he was not running up to you.” -Dog Owner, Kenneth Green, 


Amazingly, he's been reunited with his owner, but the mystery remains; how did he get from Texas to New York?

According to reports, Kenneth Green said he arrived home from work and found his backyard gate open with his pit bull named Bruassard not there.

Normally that would cause panic, and Green was concerned, but Bruassard had gotten out before and area neighbors always help to get him back.

But this time, things were different, according to Green.

“The neighbors usually bring him back if he gets out or gets lost,” Green said. “But he never turned up.”

With his dog missing, Green did what any dog owner might do.  He placed 100s of flyers around the area hoping that others would join the search or be on the lookout for the disoriented dog - and he heard nothing for weeks.

But just when Green started to lose hope, he got a phone call from an area code he didn't recognize, it was a New York number.


The out-of-state phone call was actually from an animal shelter in Niagara Falls, about five weeks after Bruassard went missing.

According to the report, Bruassard was microchipped, and that enabled the Niagara Falls shelter to reach out to the delighted owner who traveled the 1550-plus miles to be reunited with his furry friend.

According to the source, the detective said Bruassard was roaming "around the Lewiston area, which is a small retirement community outside of Niagara find an animal dumped in our area doesn’t happen very often."

How did Bruassard make it from Texas to New York?

How he traveled 1550-plus miles - safely - to New York is anybody's guess, but Green is ecstatic to have his dog back, and it appears as though Bruassard is just as overjoyed.


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