Oklahoma City Thunder guards Russell Westbrook and James Harden star in a new Foot Locker commercial.  You should get a subtle laugh out of it.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden won Olympic gold medals in London last Sunday as the U.S. men's basketball team beat Spain.  Now, they're starring in a brand new commercial to promote Foot Locker.  I love when James Harden delivered the line, "With gear this fresh, I always have more than one."  I'm thinking about adding Harden's phrase to my own repertoire.  I suppose that I'll have to get some fresh gear first though.

Once I saw this ad, I immediately thought about the vacationing Bruce Jacobs (host of "Game On" 3-7pm on 104.5 The Team).  If he had "tear away" gear, I think that he would tear off his 70's style clothing only to reveal more 70's style clothing.  If he had "tear away" hair, I think he would just have a shorter hairdo that would still need to be cut.  Click this link to see a picture of Bruce.  Maybe you'll agree with me.  Bruce will be back from vacation on 8/21.  I'll be hosting "Game On" in the meantime today, Friday, and Monday.

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