After 19 years, one championship, four teams, thousands of assists and points, and arguably two revived franchises because of him primarily, Jason Kidd has decided to retire rather than play out his current three year contract for the New York Knicks.

Kidd made the stunning announcement after consulting with his agent and his family. He previously told the Knicks he would be returning for a 20th season, his second with New York.

I give major kudos to Kidd. I was not thrilled when the Knciks signed him figuring he was at the end of the line. That turned out to be true as Kidd missed his final 18 shots in the post season, going 10 games without a point. However, Kidd, in making his announcement said some really interesting things and was straight forward with his answers.

Answering about retiring because of his terrible playoffs with the Knicks, Kidd said " I didn't come into the NBA as a shooter and I guess I won't be leaving as one." That is a great answer and dead on true. Kidd entered the season shooting around 40% for his career. That number is a bit deceiving in that Kidd's shooting percentage went up his final few years as he drove the ball to the basket less and less, spending more time as an option for the kick out rather then the guy dishing the kick out.

On why he is retiring now Kidd cited spending time with his kids and possibly entering coaching or broadcasting.

Kidd leaves the NBA second in assists and steals, trailing only John Stockton in both. Kidd was also one of the top rebounding guards of all time.

After being drafted by Dallas, Kidd along with Jimmy Jackson and Jamal Mashburn, helped revive that franchise, going from 13 wins to 36.

Because of internal strife as the story goes, the Mavs decided the break up the threesome. Kidd was dealt to the Phoenix Suns. He helped revive the stumbling Suns win 16 more games in 1996-97 than they won the year before. Kidd's tenure in Phoenix didn't end well after a domestic incident with his wife. Suns majority owner at the time Jerry Colangelo, also running the Diamondbacks, instituted a no tolerance policy in light of an ugly domestic act committed by former Diamondbacks pitcher Bobby Chouinard. Although he didn't get rid of Kidd right after the incident, despite his proclamation, he dealt Kidd to New Jersey after that season.

Kidd's finest work came with the Nets. That franchise was dead in the water. No success. Very little hope. Less fan support. Even less media coverage. Kidd took the Nets to heights they never achieved in the NBA, getting to the NBA Finals in two consecutive years. The Nets came up short to Shaq, Kobe and the Lakers and then Tim Duncan in his prime with the Spurs. Kidd called his time with the Nets "really special."

Kidd won his only ring with the Dallas Mavericks before finishing up with the Knicks. He signed a three year, $9 million deal with New York. Kidd was decent in the regular season then nonexistent really in the postseason.