The Knicks and Nets were finally going to be good at the same time.  What should always have been a more vitriolic, bitter rivalry was finally going to take that next step.  It was going to be a year of New York basketball's reemergence.

Then the season started and everything went south. Fast.

One injury sent the Knicks into a tailspin wherein their suddenly embattled coach couldn't get his team to - by their own emission - try.  Rumors swirled about his job status, rifts in the locker room emerged, and they gave a roster spot to the worst player in league history so as to appease their sixth man.  Poor play became the norm not the exception, and their record tanked.

Injuries plagued the Nets too, but so did their ancient, temperamental roster, their in-over-his-head coach, and said coach's fight and eventual demotion of an assistant.  Their record also disappointed.

But which is the bigger mess?  You tell us.